About Me

Hello! My name is Sean Tobin, and I’m a junior at Providence College, pursuing degrees in Classics and History. I’m from Greenwich, Connecticut and from a loving family of four. I heard about the Smith Fellowship a couple of years ago, but didn’t think much of it: I didn’t plan to study abroad, so a six week trip somewhere else didn’t really appeal to me either. But that all changed once I went to the Holy Land (Israel and Palestine) last year on a pilgrimage run by my diocese. It was a land of wonders, a land of the Bible, a land of God. Once I got back to America, I knew I was called back. Divine Providence worked its ways from that day, opening up channels of communications, assisting me in writing applications, and granting me the final “go ahead” in devising a six-week trip, to return to the Holy Land and see what God will do next.
Through the Providence College Rev. Philip A. Smith, O.P. Fellowship, I have been given the grace to be able to go on this journey, conducting research on the works of Flavius Josephus at the École Biblique, all while praying with, living with, and studying with the Dominicans of the Convent of Saint Stephen in Jerusalem. Pray for me!